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In-Home Or Online Lessons

Vocal Coaching

Vocal coaching for beginning singers emphasizes solid vocal production technique through the development of strong breath support and proper placement of the soft palate. With a sound understanding of the physical fundamentals, the singer has the flexibility to perform safely and capably in a variety of styles, from operetta and musical theatre to contemporary pop and rock. Once these physical foundations are achieved, the focus is placed on musicality, eloquent and effective phrasing, and storytelling-through-song, because after all, that’s what it’s all about! Lessons are available for kids as well as adults.

Acting Coaching

Acting is all about reacting honestly to imaginary circumstances. Private acting lessons emphasize organic communication, freeing the voice and body, "inside out" moment-to-moment connection, emotional honesty, script analysis, and performance technique.

Audition Coaching

Carina has been a professional actress and singer for over 20 years. Her experience includes New York City theatre, regional theatre, and national tours, as well as cast album recordings, commercials, web series, and print. She has also worked as a principal vocalist for the Walt Disney Company in Hong Kong and Universal Studios in Singapore, as well as for Silversea, Seabourn, and Holland America cruise lines. As a seasoned and successful “auditioner” as well as an experienced director, Carina knows what it takes to deliver a successful audition! She offers assistance in polishing monologues, songs, and sides for appointment preparation. Additionally, Carina has an extensive knowledge and library of musical repertoire, to help you select and refine effective musical cuts for every audition.

Lesson Booking and Inquiries

In-Home Lessons
30 Minutes: $50
60 Minutes: $75

Online Lessons

30 Minutes:$45

60 Minutes: $70


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